Fall To Earth with Camryn Howard

Camryn Howard aka 'Cam30'
Camryn Howard aka 'Cam30'

Producer, actor, and recording artist Camryn Howard aka 'Cam30' will release new music later this month and I'm pretty excited about it.  Thanks to social media, I was introduced to Cam, and had an opportunity to chat with him and learn about his motivation and inspiration.

As a person, my experience of Cam is authentic, risk taking and powerful.  Bold confidence and style, out of the box thinker unashamed of shaking things up wherever he goes. When asked about what to expect from his upcoming work, Cam said:

”Most people trash really good records to satisfy consistency for listeners but after making this project I realized I had something totally different that needed to be heard so I was like forget the rules let’s make every project completely different.”

In a musical landscape dominated by simple beats and even more basic lyricism, Cam30 brings an incredible energy and stand out soundtrack, refreshing to the ears! 

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