Fall TV Shows: The 8 Must-Sees, From 'The Mindy Project' To 'The New Normal'

Which shows do you need to be setting your DVR for this Fall TV season?

HuffPost TV has picked eight new must-see shows of the Fall TV season. Not including any midseason shows, picking a round number like 10 was pretty much impossible -- there's a lot of mediocre-to-bad new stuff on the way. But we did do a little number crunching based on our original snap judgments of the networks' new offerings, and eight shows were clear stand-outs.

But who knows what will come of the Fall TV shows we loved and those we couldn't stand. We're brutally honest here and in the spirit of that honesty, we admit that we're not always right -- no one can be when you're judging new shows based on the pilots alone.

Without further ado, click through the gallery below for our must-see fall TV picks, in order of their premiere dates. And if you're choosing to watch any other shows, don't say we didn't warn you. Happy viewing!

The 8 Must-Watch New Fall Shows

Check out our snap judgments of all the pilots here, by network:

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