Bear Falls From Tree At University Of Colorado... Again

Boulder Bear Falls From Tree... Again

Be warned, bears: if you fall from a tree on this campus, you will have an embarrassing photo of you circulating on the Internet.

Early Friday morning on the Boulder campus of the University of Colorado, a 2-year-old bear climbed up a tree, where it lazed around for approximately 4 hours, 7News Denver reported.

Wildlife officials tranquilized the baby bear, catching it in a net -- but not before school photographer Glenn Asakawa captured it on camera.


If this image looks familiar, it might be because the same thing happened three years ago. Student photographer Andy Duann captured the original "Falling Bear" for the student publication CU Independent, causing the photo to go viral overnight.


Just a year before that, a mountain lion had to be tranquilized when it was found perched in a tree near the dorms on campus. Boulder is beautiful and terrifying.

Regardless, we hope this is a trend that continues. We salute you, Falling Bear 2.

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