Falling in Love Is An Experience of a Lifetime

Falling in love is an experience of a lifetime. There's nothing better than someone holding you in their arms and not letting go. You feel secure, protected and safe knowing he doesn't want anything happening to you. Saying "I love you" can be quite nerve-wrecking too because you're always skeptical he/she won't say it back.

When my boyfriend and I started dating, he always told me he wouldn't be the first to tell me he loved me. He stressed this to me time and time again and I said, "okay, we'll see." But, February 2013 -- our first Valentine's Day together -- we were in a hotel giving each other gifts and he stops, stares at me and asks, "what are you thinking?" I tell him nothing really, but he wasn't sold on that response, so he asked me again. Honestly, I really wasn't thinking much other than, "I really, really like this guy." But, then, he turns to me and says, "well, I love you." I was stunned because it was a bit early for me to say it back, but I felt bad, so I just said it too. The issue was, it didn't sound genuine and he knew it.

But, a few weeks later -- while his two friends, him and I were at a bar -- I turned to him and said, "I love you." He thought I was lying because I had a few drinks in me, but it was the truth. I didn't think I'd tell him I loved him in a bar, but hey, life is unpredictable, so why not? That night, I slept over his house and the next morning while I was putting my shoes on to leave, I told him to come closer. When he lay on the bed, hanging over the edge toward me, I said it again and I meant it--just like I meant it the night before. He looked at me, smiled, kissed me and told me again.

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