The 21 Stages Of Falling In Love With Wine

The Stages Of Falling Head Over Heels For Wine

Wine: It brings us together, helps us unwind and generally sets either a celebratory or peaceful mood. In fact, it's pretty tough not to appreciate a glass of wine, and some of us even find ourselves in a lifelong love affair with vino.

We've outlined the stages of falling in love with wine below, because everyone could use a delicious and sexy drink waiting for them at home each night.

1. After your first sips of wine, you can't understand why people pay hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars for bottles of this strange, alcoholic grape juice.

2. But it makes you feel so classy and refined, so you occasionally order a glass with dinner.

3. Once you discover it gets you buzzed quicker than beer, a glass of wine quickly becomes your go-to drink.


4. You start acting like a connoisseur, with comments like "I'm loving this earthy undertone" or "1998 was a great year for Pinot."

5. ...but then you realize that wine hangovers are the mother of all hangovers, and decide to go on a short break from wine.


6. Eventually, you miss feeling sophisticated and chic so you decide to let it back in to your life.

7. You slowly begin to identify the different ways white, red and rosé affect you so you can pick the right wine for the right occasion.


8. You become a bit offended that May 25 has been designated National Wine Day, because obviously every day is National Wine Day.

9. Soon, it becomes the bonding ritual that keeps your relationships strong.


10. When you're at work, you fantasize about heading home and curling up on the couch with a glass of your favorite red.

11. Once you find out that a glass of wine a day is good for your health, you begin preaching the benefits to anyone that will listen.


12. Wine becomes the perfect pairing for all your favorite TV shows (The Bachelor, old episodes of Sex and the City or anything Shonda Rimes created).

13. And you convince yourself that if she existed, Olivia Pope would be your best friend. With whom you'd share infinite bottles of wine.


14. You begin to think that you honestly can't tolerate anyone who claims they don't like wine.

15. You get to the point where you'll drink it all: boxed wine, Two Buck Chuck, you don't discriminate.


16. You keep a secret stash in your fridge in case of emergencies.

17. After a while, a glass is optional -- sometimes drinking straight from the bottle is totally necessary.


18. Then you learn that wine is an aphrodisiac and you decide right then and there that no other beverage can compete.

19. Wine becomes a part of your identity and you don't care who knows it.


20. It becomes a drink for celebration, sadness, struggle, passion, existential life crises or just general boredom -- it's with you through all your ups and downs in life.

21. Congratulations, you are now married to wine.


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