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All The Movies Coming To Netflix This Week (Aug. 25-31)

Christina Milian stars in a new rom-com called "Falling Inn Love."
Chirstina Milian and Adam Demos in "Falling Inn Love" on Netflix
Chirstina Milian and Adam Demos in "Falling Inn Love" on Netflix

Netflix is only adding three movies this week. All three are Originals, and two are foreign films. The lone domestic movie, “Falling Inn Love,” stars the musician and actress Christina Milian, as well as ― you guessed it ― an inn. The trailer features a moment when Milian’s character literally falls onto her romantic interest in the inn. Although I can’t recommend that you watch this movie, I do recommend you watch the trailer (embedded below), as it’s full of shameless rom-com retreads and comically forced plot points.

Read more about “Falling Inn Love” below.

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The Notable Movie

"Falling Inn Love" on Netflix
"Falling Inn Love" on Netflix

Sum-Up: Christina Milian stars as an American woman who loses her job and her boyfriend at roughly the same time. In a twist of fate, she then wins an inn online (is that a thing?) and moves to rural Auckland, New Zealand, with the reasonable expectation that this inn will be inhabitable. In another twist of fate, it’s not. In another twist of fate, she gets a recommendation for a construction worker who’s the most eligible bachelor in Auckland and (in a previous twist of fate) happened to run over her luggage, causing her lingerie to hit his car. Then, in a twist of fate, she gets another job opportunity back in the United States, and she has to decide if she’ll return to her “real” life, or twist her own fate for once.

Again, the title of this movie is “Falling Inn Love” and much of the movie seems to be about fixing up this inn. I wonder if she stays!

Read On: Did you know that Milian helped found a chatbot company called Persona Technologies? As The New York Times reported in 2017, the singer was an early adopter of chatbot technology, which allowed her fans to talk to a “Christina Milian” AI robot online.


For those wanting a dose of nostalgia after reading Christina Milian’s name ― here’s her 2004 single “Dip It Low”

The Full List of Movies Joining Netflix

Aug. 29

  • “Falling Inn Love” (Netflix Film)
  • “Kardec” (Netflix Film)

Aug. 30

  • “La Grande Classe” (Netflix Film)