'Did You See That?' Falling Meteor Caught On Camera In Florida

The fireball lit up the night sky as though a stadium turned on its lights, a Tallahassee resident said.

The National Weather Service confirmed Saturday that people across Florida and Georgia who spotted a bright green burning ball in the sky did, in fact, see a meteor falling from space. 

The service’s Tallahassee office tweeted that the meteor was picked up on its GOES Lightning Mapper, which usually tracks lightning, shortly before midnight on Saturday.

Videos posted to Twitter show a bright green burning ball falling through the sky, stunning people who were recording. “Did you see that?” a shocked spectator is heard saying in a video posted by user Jeffrey Cardona.

Local resident Jania Kadar told the Tallahassee Democrat that the night sky suddenly lit up like a stadium. 

“It lasted it felt like seconds,” she told the outlet. “The second my brain wanted me to say, ‘What is that?’ it was over.”

The National Weather Service has not yet announced if the fireball landed or broke apart in the air.