Falling Sheep Strike Cars On Highway In Australia; Hundreds Dead

BAAAAD NEWS: Falling Sheep Strike Cars On Highway

Counting sheep has never been so horrific.

A truck carrying some 400 livestock crashed, rolled and hung over an Australian overpass Wednesday night, sending sheep flying onto the highway below and demolishing several cars in their wake.

No humans were severely injured, but Fox News reports that all the sheep had to be put down.

The gruesome aftermath, caught by Herald Sun photographers, shows a livestock truck on its side on a bridge over Princess Highway in Melbourne. Hundreds of sheep, injured or dead, lay strewn across four lanes of traffic as cops investigate.

At least three cars were totaled as sheep flew onto the highway, and one 30-year-old man suffered minor cuts and bruises.

Emergency officials said they were surprised nobody was badly wounded.

"It's miraculous," an ambulance worker told Fox News.

The truck wreckage was so tightly wrapped around the overpass that it was difficult to move without heavy equipment. The truck driver wasn't hurt, and no charges are pending.

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