Falling Toddler Saved From Fifth-Story Apartment Tumble By Delivery Men In China (VIDEO)

In the "unlikely savior" category, it's hard to find a more random group than eight delivery men who happened to be on break.

Yet because of men in exactly that circumstance, a 2-year-old girl in Ninghai, China's Zhejiang province, is alive after falling from her fifth-story apartment Thursday. The workers broke the girl's fall while trying to catch her. In the process, reports the BBC, two of the men were injured, but the girl escaped without serious injury.

A video of the event, recovered from a nearby surveillance camera, shows the workers respond to crying from a window far above them. As they gather in the alley below, the toddler falls at great speed into their extended arms.

The girl falls through their arms and hits the pavement below, but miraculously stands up shortly after. According to Xinhua, China's state news agency, a doctor examined the girl and found no serious injuries.

The Independent adds that one of the men in the group hurt his neck, while another, visibly in pain toward the end of the video, injured his arm.

In other "unlikely baby saves" news this week, the daughter of former New York Yankees manager Joe Torre, Cristina Torre, made a catch her dad would be proud of after a baby fell into her arms from a second-floor apartment in Brooklyn.

Watch the video above or an extended version below: