Fallon-Ferguson Food Fight: Cutest Late Night War Ever Continues With 'Spaghetti Eyes' (VIDEO)

Jimmy Fallon started a food fight with Craig Ferguson last night by shooting spaghetti through his eyes at his competitor in LA. The amazing part? It worked! "The spaghetti that ended the late night wars," as Ferguson dubbed it, came through the camera at Ferguson at the end of his monologue. Afterwards, Ferguson explained, "In the before times, people on late night pretended to hate each other...Instead of pretending to hate [Jimmy Fallon] I pretend to like him." He "ceded" that Jimmy's show is better than his and asked the audience "flip the thing and have a look at his show."

This comes weeks after a fierce waving battle that involved Mickey Mouse hands and huge smiles. After such bitterness between Leno & Letterman and Leno & Conan it's heartening to see comics being comics.