Jimmy Fallon Lets Fox News Have It With Jab On Biden's Documents

Fallon didn’t waste time taking a swipe at Fox News as he flipped to a doctored clip mocking the network's coverage.

Jimmy Fallon looped a Fox News diss into his monologue on Thursday as he tackled the discovery of classified documents at President Joe Biden’s office and home. (Watch Fallon’s comments below.)

The Tonight Show” host played a clip of Biden saying Thursday that people know he takes “classified documents and classified materials seriously.”

Republicans have criticized Biden following the discovery ― which prompted a special counsel’s investigation ― and have sought to find similarities between his case and former President Donald Trump’s storage of classified documents.

The two situations, however, have their share of “key differences,” as The Hill noted this week. (The Associated Press also laid out how the situations differ.)

Fallon didn’t waste time taking a swipe at Fox News as he flipped to a parody of how the network might have aired Biden’s address.

“People know that I take classified documents,” Biden says in the manipulated clip, which cuts off his comment and transitions to a Fox News alert graphic.

Fallon joked about the documents later in his monologue after he mentioned the reopening of bathrooms in New York City’s subway system.

“And you’re not going to believe this, when they opened them up, they found more classified documents,” he quipped.

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