Fallon, Meat Loaf Sing An Ode To Bagel Bites (VIDEO)

Too bad "Late Night With Jimmy Fallon" was off last week. This would have been a perfect bit for their 4/20 episode. But as it is, it's still pretty great.

This just goes to show that there's no subject so insignificant that Meat Loaf can't make you want to beat your chest on a mountain top about it. Yes, you CAN have pizza at every meal...that is the genius of the Bagel Bite. Does pizza for breakfast seem crazy to you? What about a bagel breakfast? Of course not. Boom! Bagel Bites. And they're bites...they aren't even a whole meal. So they fit perfectly within a small portions-based diet.

Our only question is, why hasn't someone written a majestic song about them before?