Fallon Mocks Colbert's Americone Dream Ice Cream With Viewer Contest (VIDEO)

It's a tale as old as time: two talk show hosts meet, become best friends for six months, become mortal enemies for same, and then take their aggressions out on each other's signature Ben & Jerry's ice cream flavors.

On Monday, Jimmy Fallon showed some viewer-submitted photos of other things to do with Colbert's Americone Dream ice cream -- anything other than eating it. If there's ever been a more direct form of blasphemy, we certainly haven't seen it.

It's a shame to see a rift between two former friends escalate in such a fashion, and Fallon may have crossed a line with this stunt. It remains to be seen if Colbert will resort to further dessert-related violence. Until then, check out the clip above and let us know what you would do with Colbert's Americone Dream.