Woman Explains Why She Falsely Accused Her Dad Of Sexual Assault As A Child

"When I was a teenager, I ran away from home a lot," says Amber, who had a tumultuous relationship with her mom growing up. "One time, my mom had called my friends trying to find me and threatened them with charges if they didn't turn me in. I didn't want to go home, so I made up accusations against my dad. I told the sheriffs that he was sexually assaulting me and that he was hitting me with a pistol ... I knew if I said something, they'd start an investigation." Ultimately Amber called the police and admitted the story was fabricated.

Looking back, Amber, now 24, says, "I hate that I did that to my dad. I don't know how else to explain this. It was just something horrible. There's no amount of times I can say sorry enough."

Watch the video above as Amber's father recalls this difficult chapter. And, Dr. Phil offers advice for how this family can move forward peacefully. Watch more here.