Family and Technology: Articles About How Kids And Parents Use Digital Devices

Kids using laptop
Kids using laptop

Our Screen Sense page will be frequently updated with articles about the intersection of technology and family life. We'll post reports about innovations in the classroom, blogs from media experts and personal essays by parents who want their kids to look away from their screens but have trouble doing the same. This is the place where we will highlight must-read stories on the ever-changing digital landscape, a library curated by our editors. We'll constantly add to this list as more stories are published.

"The Truth About Kids and Social Media," by Amy Jo Martin
Fast Company, May 2013

"Cyberparenting and the Risk of T.M.I." by Pamela Paul
New York Times, May 2013

"Shooting in the Dark," by Benedict Carey
New York Times, February 2013

"Chips Off the Old Block"
The Economist, January 2013

"Hurricane Sandy Reveals a Life Unplugged," by Aimee Lee Ball
New York Times, November 2012

"If I Were Queen, Kids and Screens," by Kimberly Brooks
Huffington Post, October 2012

"The Perils of Parenting in the Digital Age," by Lee Siegel
The Daily Beast, October 2012

"The Perils of Texting While Parenting," by Ben Worthen
Wall Street Journal, September 2012

"Architecture and the Lost Art of Drawing," by Michael Graves
New York Times, September 2012

"The Friendly, Neighborhood Internet School," by David Gelernter
Wall Street Journal, August 2012

"In Defense of Cursive," by Judith Thurman
The New Yorker, July 2012

"How Children Play"
New York Times, June 2012

"Wasting Time Is New Divide in Digital Era," by Matt Ritchel
New York Times, May 2012

"Teens Text More Than Adults, but They’re Still Just Teens," by Alice Marwick and danah boyd
The Daily Beast, May 2012

"Who Really Benefits From High-Tech Gadgets in Classrooms?" by Michael Hiltzik
Los Angeles Times, February 2012

"Why Kids Can’t Search," by Clive Thompson
Wired, November 2011

"A Silicon Valley School The Doesn’t Compute," by Matt Ritchel
New York Times, October 2011

"Inflating the Software Report Card," by Trip Gabriel and Matt Ritchel
New York Times, October 2011

"In Classrooms of Future, Stagnant Scores," by Matt Ritchel
New York Times, September 2011

"Wired for Distraction: Kids and Social Media," by Dalton Conley
Time Magazine, March 2011

"They Know What Boys Want," by Alex Morris
New York Magazine, January 2011

"Growing Up Digital, Wired for Distraction," by Matt Ritchel
New York Times, November 2010

"My Son Can Use the Internet All He Wants," by Holly Robinson
Salon, November 2010

"The Risks of Parenting While Plugged In," by Julie Scelfo
New York Times, June 2010

"Antisocial Networking?" by Hilary Stout
New York Times, May 2010

"I Need a Virtual Break. No, Really," by Mark Bittman
New York Times, March 2008