'His Penis' Is Pretty Much The Best Worst Answer Ever On 'Family Feud'

A "Family Feud" contestant may have ignited a real family feud when, on national television, she singled out her husband's penis as a part ripe for replacing.

"We asked 100 married women, if you could change one part of your husband's body, what would it be?" host Steve Harvey asked.

Contestant Joyce hit the buzzer immediately and answered "his penis."

Cut to an awkward shot of her husband Pete looking... well... check out the clip above and you can see his reaction for yourself.

"You were thinking it," Joyce said to Harvey with a playful shove.

Unfortunately for her, if any of the 100 married women in the "Family Feud" survey were thinking it, they weren't saying it. "His penis" didn't appear on the list of top eight answers.

Don't feel too bad, Pete. "Penis" has been an awkward answer on more than one occasion, including references to small penises and big penises alike.

(h/t Mediate)

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