Family Field Trip! Obamas Visit Jefferson Memorial, Washington Monument Sunday Night (PHOTOS)

The First Family paid a visit to the Jefferson Memorial and Washington Monument on Sunday evening. Photos and pool report below.


From the pool report:

The First Family and relatives went on a brisk sightseeing tour this
evening, visiting the Jefferson Memorial and the Washington Monument.

Along for the fun: Maya Soetoro-Ng, the president's half-sister, her
husband, Konrad Ng, and their daughters Suhaila and Savita. FLOTUS' mother,
Marian Robinson, also attended.

First stop was the Jefferson Memorial, at 7:25 pm. We're told it was POTUS'
first outing to the memorial (and an uncomfirmed report from a National
Park Service official suggested it was the first non-event visit by a
president since FDR.) POTUS was inside for just under 10 minutes and
emerged to brief cheers from the public.

He wore white sneakers, gray pants, a dark jacket over a white shirt and
the customary White Sox cap. FLOTUS, who walked with her daughters, wore a
dark cardigan over a white blouse.

The Washington Monument was next, at 7:45 pm. A crisp, steady wind whipped
the American Flags surrounding the monument as the family bound inside.
Thirty or so tourists stood nearby, enjoying an unexpected addition to
their late visit. A half moon and clear night sky completed the tableau.

The group left at 8:05 pm and returned to the White House at 8:12 pm.

"We have a lid," reports our handler, Katie Hogan.

Alex Leary
St. Petersburg Times
Washington Bureau

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