What 'The Cosby Show' Intro Might Look Like Today, According To 'Family Guy'

"Knowing what we know now."

"Family Guy" took aim at "The Cosby Show" Monday night, offering their interpretation of what the sitcom's intro might look like today, "knowing what we know now."

In the clip, Peter and his friends and family gather around the TV to tune into the show. They sit, diligently watching as a cartoon Cosby appears on their screen. The "Cosby Show" intro begins as it used to, with the comedian dancing about in one of his signature patterned sweaters, but then the female cast members appear on screen. In "Family Guy's" version, the women appear passed out on chairs, or stumbling across the screen as if they'd been drugged. A pantless Bea Arthur also makes a guest appearance. 

"Huh. I was so busy not seeing color, I didn't see the raping either," Peter says. 

Watch below for yourself: 

H/T Deadline


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