'Family Guy' Character Will Have Me Too Moment, Producers Say

Seth MacFarlane took a personal interest in the episode, which revolves around serial assaulter Glenn Quagmire.

The Me Too movement is hitting “Family Guy,” and producers say a popular cast member will finally have to deal with the repercussions of his inappropriate behavior.

During an interview with reporters Saturday at San Diego Comic-Con, “Family Guy” producers revealed that a future episode will directly address the problematic behavior of Glenn Quagmire, a character known for his many serial sexual assaults.

“We are a year out, so we are writing episodes this month that won’t air for a year,” showrunner Rich Appel told reporters. “So the Me Too stuff became such a cultural force while were thinking of next season, and we are taking it head-on with an episode around Quagmire.”

Appel said that series creator Seth MacFarlane ― who previously made jokes about Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey long before their accusers went public ― was behind this particular episode.

“We’re trying to be pretty fair about the whole history of the character,” Appel said. “Seth encouraged us and even took a special interest while we were writing the episode.”

Appel remained mum on the exact plot, but you can see clips from the next season below.

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