This 'Family Guy'/'Simpsons' Crossover Episode Is Everything We Hoped It Would Be

Dysfunctional families unite!

Fox announced plans this week for a cartoon crossover event with two of the most recognizable animated families on TV. "The Simpsons"/"Family Guy" mashup episode will air later this year as the Griffin clan embarks upon a trip to Springfield.

The network released two new images from the crossover event. In the first, Bart teaches Stewie how to shred on a skateboard.

fox upfronts

According to a synopsis, the families take to each other pretty quickly. Lisa works to build Meg's confidence by finding something she's good at, Stewie idolizes Bart and admires his penchant for pranks, and Marge and Lois embark on a little girl bonding adventure.

But not everyone is happy sharing screen time. After mistaking the Griffins for albinos, Homer and Peter brawl over the only thing both patriarchs care about: beer.

fox upfronts

The hour-long special is being helmed by Seth MacFarlane and his team of writers and will be aired during the upcoming season of "Family Guy."



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