Sibling And Family Halloween Costumes From Around The Web (PHOTOS)

It’s no secret that American families embrace Halloween with open arms. A recent survey from the National Retail Federation reports that nearly 70 percent of Americans will be celebrating this year. Of these, 43.9 percent will be dressing up and 32.9 percent will be taking their kids out to trick-or-treat. The survey also estimates that up to $1 billion will be spent on costumes for our little ones.

What we don’t know is how many of those parents and children will be dressing up together. Whether your kids want to go traditional (ghosts! witches!) or have 2011 costume options in mind (a final round of Harry Potters?), there are endless -- and likely show-stopping -- ways to involve siblings as well as mom and dad. To that end, we’ve rounded up some of the most squeal-worthy photos of costumed families on the web. Click through below and vote for your favorites.

Sibling And Family Halloween Costumes