Hear What A Leader Of The White Knights Of The KKK Says About His Biracial Grandson (VIDEO)

“My dad has called my son a critter, a monster, a creature. He told me I was growing an ape inside of my body,” says 20-year-old Peyton, who has a biracial child. “My dad refuses to accept my son because he is half black.”

Peyton says her father, David, is an Imperial Wizard of the White Knights of the KKK and an unabashed racist, who had a picture of Hitler hanging on their fireplace when she was growing up. The one-time Daddy’s girl says she feels let down by her father and desperately wants him to accept her child. “The worst thing he did to me was turn his back on me and my child. I felt abandoned. I felt so alone,” she says, wiping away tears.

David defends his beliefs. “I taught my daughter hate and racial pride. I told her she was never, ever to become involved with a black man,” he says proudly. “The little critter that Peyton has, [that] she wants to call my grandchild, has a 90% potential of being a future rapist, a thief and just another lazy drudge on society.”

David, who says he can’t go against his moral and religious beliefs and accept Peyton’s child, faces some tough questions from Dr. Phil on Tuesday’s show.

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