Family Research Council pushes bogus report supporting DADT

In what has to be a desperate attempt to derail the repeal of Don't Ask, Don't Tell, Family Research Council Senior Fellow for Policy Studies Peter Sprigg held a phone conference today with several reporters.

During this phone conference, he referred to what he called the "first-ever study of 'homosexual assault' in the military."

What? Did you expect anything different from a spokesperson of an organization which says that it was created in part to fight the alleged "homosexual agenda?"

Rather than go into detail about the "report," I would rather give two very good reasons as to why its validity should be doubted.

It's not that Sprigg's nonsense echoes a report by discredited researcher Paul Cameron, who earlier claimed that gays are four to seven more times likely to rape their fellow servicemen. Cameron also claimed that some perpetrators of heterosexual sex assaults can be termed as gay because apparently some gay men "like women too."

That offhand, sly referral to Cameron's lies isn't the reason why Sprigg's report should be lining birdcages.

The reasons involve past statements of Sprigg, such the one in 2008 when he said that he would like to see gays exported out of the United States:

Or earlier this year when on Hardball, he said that "gay behavior" should be outlawed:

I think it's a relatively safe assumption that (and I apologize to the late Mary McCarthy) every word Sprigg writes about the gay community is a lie including and and the.