Family Research Council's Repeal SB 48 Campaign Warns Chaz Bono Will Replace George Washington

The Family Research Council says it needs 750,000 petitions to place a repeal of SB 48 -- aka the FAIR Education Act -- on the California ballot in 2012 and they are getting desperate to secure them.

The bill, which was passed by the state's Senate and Assembly earlier this year and signed into law on July 14 by Governor Jerry Brown, requires the inclusion of achievements by LGBT people and people with disabilities, among others, in public school books.

This week the FRC posted a call to action informing members that there is only one weekend left before the petitions must be filed on October 12 and asking them to "urge... church members" to join the movement.

To help convince people of the dangers of what the FRC refers to as "LGBT heroes" in the classroom, they've whipped up a YouTube video (see below) that members can share with their congregations as well as a fun Power Point presentation. Among the feared outcomes of the law are:

  • SB 48 would force some public school educators to go against their own deeply held religious and moral beliefs in order to endorse “LGBT heroes” in their schools and classrooms.
  • SB 48 would expose children as young as five years old to the “role and contributions” of “LGBT heroes” in the classrooms. Parents would not be able to have their children “opt out” from learning about these sinful and aberrant behaviors and lifestyles.
  • SB 48 would require teachertime away from focusing on traditionally recognized California and American heroes in order to promote the “role and contributions” of “LGBT heroes.”

And last, but certainly not least:

    • Less George Washington… More Chaz Bono!
  • George and his powdered wig are probably spinning in his grave right now.