'Family SOS With Jo Frost' Sneak Peek: Former 'Supernanny's' New TLC Show (VIDEO)

"Supernanny" Jo Frost is back with a brand-new show, but this time, the parenting problems she's tackling are much more intense.

On TLC's "Family SOS With Jo Frost" (six-part series premieres Tues., May 28 at 9 p.m. ET), Frost is faced with kids, teenagers and parents with serious issues, from bullying and aggression to alcoholism and abuse, none of which can be fixed with a time-out.

The Huffington Post has an exclusive first look at the premiere episode, above, featuring the Quinn-Davis family and their daughter, Amber, who kicks off this particular clip yelling "I f***ing hate you so much" to her mom.

"Do you think it's OK?" Frost asks Amber. "Do you actually think it's OK underneath your breath to call your mom a f***ing bitch? Do you think that's OK? Do you? Really?"

See more in the clip above and tell us: Will you watch Jo Frost tackle the tougher issues on her new show?

Here's TLC's official description of the "Family SOS with Jo Frost" premiere:

The Quinn-Davises are a blended family with each parent bringing along children from previous relationships -– and they are imploding. Daughters Amber and Emily are out of control and refuse to respect their parents and their rules. Son Chad is a recovering addict, and other son Derek is despondent from the tension. Parents Don and Julie are dragged in, each defending their own children, to the point of divorce. Jo arrives to turn this family around -– even as problems escalate, with Amber admitted to the hospital with alcohol poisoning, and Chad learning some devastating news about a close friend.

"Family SOS With Jo Frost" premieres Tues., May 28 at 9 p.m. ET on TLC.

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