Family Starts New NYE Tradition After Daughter’s Punny Misunderstanding

So much better than champagne.
01/03/2017 01:09pm ET
Photo by Ira Heuvelman-Dobrolyubova via Getty Images
One 3-year-old had a hilarious misunderstanding about her family's "New Year's toast."

Raise a glass to this little girl’s adorableness!

Kristin and Bill, a couple that lives in Connecticut, were driving to Kristin’s parents’ house for New Year’s Eve when their 3-year-old daughter, whose name they would like to keep anonymous, had a question about the holiday.

“This is the first year she has been really into holidays and cared about the meanings behind why we do what we do on them,” Kristin explained to the Huffington Post.

Their daughter had just learned about the meaning of Christmas and asked her parents if New Year’s Eve involved gifts as well.

The couple let their daughter down gently by telling her that this particular holiday didn’t involve presents but had its own set of fun customs.

““We told her we ‘toast to a new year’ and that she could have a special glass and special drink of apple cider for her toast.””

- Kristin, the girl's mom

“We told her we ‘toast to a new year’ and that she could have a special glass and special drink of apple cider for her toast.”

According to Kristin, her daughter didn’t ask any further questions after this explanation.

Later on that day, as the family was finishing up dinner, the toddler was ready to start celebrating.

“She all of a sudden ran into the dining room where everyone was and very excitedly yelled, “ARE WE GOING TO MAKE TOAST NOW?!”

Naturally the rest of their family was a little confused.

“But my husband and I laughed and said, ‘Toast! Like we said we toast on New Year’s??’ And she, yelled ‘YEA!!’ She was so excited about the toast, we couldn’t let her down.”

So, the family baked up a brand new tradition, toasting with toast on New Year’s Eve.

The family's "toast."

“As you can see from her smile, she very much enjoyed her toast-toast,” Kristin told HuffPost.

Hey, there’s nothing crumb-y about this family’s new jam.

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