12 Brilliant Ways To Make Your Family Vacations Last Forever

Bring the extraordinary back into the everyday.

Whether it’s to the beach, grandma’s house or a far-off land, there is something magical about going away on vacation as a family. You get to experience new places, new activities and new adventures ... together. And you get to make memories that will last a lifetime. To help you remember a little vacation magic every day, we partnered with Disney Parks and turned to some of our favorite bloggers and creative types for their favorite ideas on incorporating travel into home decor.

1. Create Time Capsules With Glass Jars
vacation sand jars
Image: Lauren Hooper at Lauren-Likes

One of the most elegant ways to display your travels is also the easiest. Fill up glass jars with sand, ticket stubs or pretty-much-anything-at-all to turn them into display-worthy time capsules.

2. Use Shadow-Box Frames To Wow With Keepsakes In 3-D
travel shadow box
Image: Jordan Hebl of Jordan Hebl

Jordan Hebl added vacation mementos to a shadow-box frame to create a show-stopping collage (which she made at 14 years old!).

3. Turn Keychains Into Christmas Ornaments
keychain ornaments
Image: Cara Kiggins of Like Mom and Apple Pie

With just a little ribbon, keychains from around the world can become beautiful Christmas ornaments that can be enjoyed (and added to) year after year.

4. Add Pops Of Color With Sea Glass
sea glass jars
Image: Kirstin at Craftiments

Sea glass costs nothing but looks like a million bucks when it’s displayed in a place of honor in your home, such as the mantel.

5. Show Off What’s Next
drawing of travel memories
Image: MaryLea Harris of Pink and Green Mama

Your family’s summer (winter, fall or spring) “to-do” list can become a work of art too with just some watercolors, markers and paper.

6. Hang Plates In Groups On Walls
plates on wall
Image: Jocie Hagan of One Project Closer's The Better Half

The beauty of using Velcro strips to hang plates you collect on your travels is that you can finish your project in minutes and avoid putting holes in your wall.

7. Rock Out (Or Just Collect Rocks And Put Them Out)
rocks from vacations
Image: Jamie Dorobek from C.R.A.F.T.

A small rock collection -- when displayed on a plate or cake stand -- ends up looking like something out of Better Homes & Gardens.

8. Make Art Out Of The Places You’ll Go
world map pins
Image: Amanda/PaperRamma on Etsy

There is something wonderfully modern, yet delightfully old-school, about a digitally crafted travel map that lets you keep tabs on your family’s travels with pushpins.

9. Transform Seashell Collections Into Works Of Art
seashell display
Image: Xenasdad/Etsy

Artist and craftsman Fred Brandes turns his beach finds into spectacular artwork, available on Etsy, using a recycled letterpress drawer.

10. Turn A Map Into A Conversation Starter
road trip map
Image: Becky Rodriguez/Dirtsa Studio on Etsy

There’s an art to showing off where you’ve been, as well as where you want to go, with a stylish chalkboard map, like this one from Becky Rodriguez.

11. ‘Go Big Or Go Home’ When It Comes To Hanging Photos
photo clothesline
Image: Shelley Smith/The House of Smiths

Blogger Shelley Smith uses clothespins and string to hang her family photos, showing us that more is merrier.

12. Put A Chain On It
disney necklaces
Image: Debbie of The Creative Bee/Esty

Of course, walls and tables aren’t the only places for travel keepsakes. You can take your mementos with you anywhere when you wear it. This Etsy artist upcycles maps from Disney Parks into funky, modern jewelry.

The first step to making a vacation last forever is choosing where you want to go. With Disney Parks and Resorts, you get to experience the magic and make incredible memories that will last a lifetime. Because the unforgettable happens when you take a Disney vacation.