Family's Community Garden Time-Lapse Will Drive You To The Nursery (VIDEO)


This video is going to make you want to get those hands dirty and grow some broccoli.

Title "A Year in the Garden," the time-lapse was uploaded to Vimeo earlier this week by user Brad Hiebert. An opening sequence says the community plot is in a "sprawling, congested" suburb of Los Angeles, Calif. and was one family's attempt to grow their own food and eat healthier.

After watching the four-minute video, it looks like they were pretty successful, growing everything from kale and strawberries to rhubarb and sunflowers.

Community garden's have gained popularity in recent years as a means for city-dwellers to reconnect with their food. Take a look at a list of plots near you via the American Community Gardening Association if you're ready to test out that green thumb and embrace the locavore inside.

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