Famous Guitars: Designer Federico Mauro Illustrates Iconic Guitars Of Musical Legends

Multimedia designer Federico Mauro loves to explore iconic objects used by famous people: eyeglasses, shoes, and musical instruments. In his new minimalist series aptly titled, Famous Guitars, Mauro takes a look at the history of the axe, and the iconic musicians who have strummed it.

In Mauro's simplistic collection, the unique design and sound of each guitar tells the life and story of its legendary owner. From the bluesy sounds of B.B. King, to the rockin' tunes of Eddie Van Halen, Mauro represents almost every possible genre of music.

Take a look at the Mauro's series of legends, and enlighten us on your favorite guitarist in the comments.

jimi hendrix

chuck berry

carlos santana

bo diddley

jimmy page

eddie van halen

john lennon

george benson

pat metheny

kurt cobain