Famous Love Advice This Valentine's Day

Love is worth celebrating every day of the year. For those of us who are too busy to remember to celebrate love 365 days a year, thankfully there's a holiday that reminds us. Valentine's Day is not just about Hallmark's profit margins or justified chocolate consumption. The big V-day is a time when we're allowed -- hell, even encouraged -- to shout from the rooftops how much we love our significant others, moms and dads, kids, friends, pets and, yes, ourselves.

Love is what turns the daily grind into a tolerable, even enjoyable ride. Love is the binding element that pulls us out of our selfish little egotistical bubbles and reminds us that life is worth living because of all that we get to share with those we love. Love makes meals taste better, illnesses hurt less and sunsets more brilliant.

Who knows love better than our LGBTQ brothers and sisters? As out and proud queers, we know that those we hold dearest love us for who we are. We've had painful realizations that those we love dearly might not love who we are, and we journeyed down a long and arduous path to learn how to love ourselves even when others told us we had reason not to.

This Valentine's Day, let's celebrate our freedom to love and pay tribute to those brave souls who helped pave the way. See below for famous quotations about love from some of the most famous literary queers.

Love Quotations From Famous Literary Queers