Famous Signs Are Suddenly Missing Letters To Prove A Crucial Point

Hmmm... Where did the A’s, B’s, and O’s go?!

We’re (O) positive you have to check out this out.

People, brands, iconic locations and more are losing the A’s, B’s, and O’s in their names as part of the #MissingType campaign, which aims to shed light on the need for blood donors around the world.

The United Kingdom’s National Health Service started the initiative last year and has now expanded it to involve blood services from 21 countries across the globe.

A survey taken across various countries participating in the campaign, including Japan, Brazil and Canada, indicated that in 2015, there was a 27.6 percent drop in new donors compared to a decade before, according to a press release this week.

The demand for blood in the U.S. alone is great.

According to the Red Cross ― which is participating in the #MissingLetters initiative ― every two seconds, someone is in need of blood. However, less than 10 percent of eligible blood donors in the U.S. actually give blood each year. The Red Cross also pointed out that there’s also typically a shortage of blood during the summertime, due to vacations and school being out of session.

So, iconic landmarks, like the “I Amsterdam” sign in the Netherlands and the Sydney Opera House in Australia got a makeover to show the need for donations. The new looks were displayed on social media.

Companies such as the financial services giant Morgan Stanley and British retailer Tesco joined in the fun and removed letters from their names as well.

A couple celebs including singer-songwriter Hunter Hayes and Chicago Cubs player Dexter Fowler lost some letters from their names, too.

Anyone looking to turn a negative (blood type) into a positive action, here’s your chance!

On more information on where to donate blood, visit America’s Blood Centers’ website here.

You can also sign up to donate blood on the Red Cross’ website here.

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