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Famous Ukulele Players Of History (SLIDESHOW)

Ukuleles are experiencing somewhat of a resurgence in popularity. Sales are quadrupling in some shops in Brooklyn, New York, and Kala, one of the world's top ukulele brands, has seen 70% sales increase in 2009 alone.

The Brooklyn Ink's Amanda Julius suggests that the boom is related to the recession:

Ukulele prices start at just under $50, making the instrument very affordable for those looking to save a buck, and its reputation as a less serious alternative to the guitar make it a popular pick-me-up. Recession scrimping helped raise the ukulele to its peak popularity in the 1930s, when bluegrass took off, and for many the instrument is still associated with that period.

So, what better time than now to compile the greatest Ukulele youtubes ever and subject them to a battle for supremacy? Indulge in the sounds of Williamsburg's favorite, no-longer-just-for-Hawaii instrument masters below.

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