15 Beloved Regional Dishes

Kentucky may tout the best bourbon around, and we hear Washington has great apples (and therefore great cider). New Mexico is famous for its proprietary hatch chiles and Maine for its succulent lobster (although there are other things to eat there).

For a nation with as many regions as ours, it's no surprise that some folks are very passionate about dishes specific to beloved locales. When you think of Hawaiian food, don't you think of SPAM and pineapples? Perhaps a Loco Moco? We sure do. We've rounded up our 15 favorite regional specialties from around the country, from New York's humble bagel and schmear to New Orleans' beignets, all the way to California's varied bounty of Mexican fare.

What does your city serve up better than anyone else? Let us know in the comments below, we're always on the road looking for the very best of America's best food.

15 Beloved Regional Foods