Florida A&M Sex Tape: Myth Or Reality?

The Twittersphere erupted today with rumors of a dorm-made sex tape out of Florida A&M University, one of the largest historically black colleges in the country.

The tape allegedly involves an "orgy" of students. However, the blog Inquisitr did a search for the tape today and could not find a verifiable copy. Also according to Inquisitr, Twitterers have questioned if the dorm featured in the tape is even on FAMU's campus.
Here's more:

While the original footage was posted on, a paysite that will open with extremely pornographic images (be warned), most links purporting to offer free access to the video redirect to malware. So although the FAMU sextape can be accessed on for a price, there is no verified safe place to view it on the web as of yet.

Officials from FAMU have not commented on the tape, nor have they confirmed if any current students are captured on the footage. In the meantime, it is likely a poor idea to visit any links (particularly shortened URLs) purporting to lead to the FAMU sextape, as I have yet to see one legitimate source.

However, links to the purported tape have cropped up on Twitter, via the sharing site zShare. All it takes to find the links is a Twitter search of "FAMU Sex Tape."

Good luck.