Luke Skywalker Might've Been Hiding In Plain Sight In 'The Force Awakens'

One fan on Reddit took a closer look at that holographic map.

Luke Skywalker was missing from most of “The Force Awakens” — but he might’ve been closer than we’d thought.

The background narrative thread of the seventh “Star Wars” film centers around Luke’s mysterious whereabouts. So when R2-D2 and BB-8 combine their map fragments at the end of the film, Rey and friends are overjoyed to finally locate the secluded Jedi Master.

But as Nerdist points out in the above video, one clever “Star Wars” fan ― Is there another kind? ― dug deep into the holographic map that’s revealed at the end of the movie and discovered something quite fascinating.

Ahch-To, the planet where Luke was hiding — purportedly the location of the first Jedi Temple — may be a lot closer to the known “Star Wars” cinematic universe than we thought.

A fan on Reddit with an understanding of the “Star Wars” language Aurebesh, which is used to label the map in question, decoded some of the words on the map, possibly identifying the Ewok home planet of Endor, ice planet Hoth and Kashyyyk, among others.

If true, it raises perhaps more questions than answers, as Nerdist host Jessica Chobot points out. For example, if Luke was so close to these known planets, why was it so difficult to find him?

Does this discovery really mean anything — or are we, as fans, simply desperate for new “Star Wars” news?

... Nuh-uh, you’re desperate!