Fan Dodges Home Run At Arizona Diamondbacks Game, Female Companion Hit In The Face (VIDEO)

Didn't he ever hear of "taking one for the team?"

A fan at an Arizona Diamondbacks game Tuesday darted away from a home run ball, which struck his female companion in the face. Video of the incident shows the woman leaping out of her chair and holding her face in her hands, but she doesn't appear seriously injured.

"Nice going, boyfriend," a television announcer said as he watched the replay of the homer, belted by the St. Louis Cardinals' Pete Kozma.

Let's hope the two don't suffer the same fate as another couple immortalized by a ball batted into the stands. Bo Wyble and Sara Saco-Vertiz made national headlines in 2010 when Saco-Vertiz got stung on the elbow by a foul ball in Houston because Wyble dodged it. The pair broke up a few days later, but Saco-Vertiz said on "The Early Show" it was not because of the game.

(Hat tip, Deadspin)

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