Fan Caught A Basketball Autographed By Hakeem Olajuwon And Gave It To A Kid (VIDEO)

As you would probably expect, the 76ers/Rockets game turned out to be pretty uneventful last night. The Rockets won 120-98. The Sixers extended their record-setting losing streak to 26 games. And, well, what else do you need to know? The game sucked.

It did produce one pretty cool moment, though. At one point during the game, the Rockets' mascot Clutch asked Hakeem Olajuwon, who was sitting courtside, to sign a basketball. He then took that ball and threw it into the crowd on the other side of the court, where a man caught the ball and started celebrating. It was a nice payoff for him after being forced to sit through a game involving the Sixers. But about two seconds after the guy got done celebrating, he did something pretty cool. He took the ball and gave it to a little kid who was sitting nearby.

The kid doesn't look like he's old enough to realize what the guy just gave up for him. But if you need your faith in humanity restored right now, watch this video. This is the nicest thing we've seen anyone do all week.