Fan Pulls a 'Plaxico,' Accidentally Shoots Himself In The Leg Before Giants, Patriots Game

There was a heck of a lot of deja vu on Sunday.

About an hour before the Giants reenacted their classic 2008 Superbowl XLII match-up, another infamous incident repeated itself. According to the Boston Herald, a fan in the parking lot of Gillette Stadium shot himself in the leg after realizing he couldn't bring his licensed firearm into the venue.

The incident evokes memories of another infamous incident from 2008, when Plaxico Buress famously shot himself in the leg in a New York club with an unlicensed firearm.

According to CBS Boston, the 50-year-old man was returning to his vehicle to put the weapon away when it went off. Apparently, it wasn't until he checked the back of his ticket and was almost in the stadium before he realized he couldn't bring the gun in.

However, there are no rules stating that he couldn't carry the weapon into the parking lot.

“There is not a security checkpoint that would prohibit that from being in your vehicle, and we don’t have anything written up in terms of what is allowed or what isn’t allowed in the parking lot,” Patriots spokesperson Stacey James told the Boston Globe.

CBS Boston also reported that the man was in stable condition, and was expected to be released that night.