These Fancy-Looking Candles Are Actually From Target

These 9 eye-catching votives only look expensive.
Scented candles from Target
Scented candles from Target

Anyone who loves candles knows exactly how easy it is to go from casually stopping into your local apothecary to suddenly dropping $200. And who can blame us? Candles bestow an olfactory ambiance to our homes and look great on a coffee table, too. Plus, if you’re in search of some retail therapy, they’re a great thing to shop for — no trying on things that won’t fit or dealing with horrific fitting room lighting.

But they can be expensive. In fact, these days, it seems like candles get pricier by the minute. That’s where Target comes in. As if you needed yet another reason to drop by the red-dot boutique, here are 9 fancy-looking candles from Target that look like they should cost much, much more than they actually do.

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Project 62 vetiver and cedarwood candle
Starting at just $5 for a 5-ounce votive, this simple-yet-chic burner offers a vetiver and cedarwood scent — a blend that just sounds expensive. It also smells good, too: "This is the most beautiful smelling candle I have ever bought! I have purchased this candle and the room spray over 6 times," wrote Mel66 in a review. "The throw is really good. Great woodsy scent. The candle burns clean and I have never had an issue with the wax tunneling. I hope that Target keeps this scent as a core collection! I can’t say enough good things about it!"
Opalhouse lemon verbena and geranium glass candle
As good as customers say this candle smells, we think it looks even better. The amber-colored, patterned glass jar has major '70s vibes that would work in any room of the house. Reviewer T Marie wrote: "The perfect lemon scent that fills multiple rooms in my house. The candle burns for a long time and very evenly."
Magnolia birch and amber fluted glass candle
Even if you never burn this candle, we recommend buying it for the elegant smoked glass vessel it arrives in. However, reviewers that went the extra a mile and lit this candle up seem satisfied. "Best scent of all time! I stocked up last fall so I could burn it year round, I’m so excited it’s finally back!" exclaimed reviewer Abbv.
Yankee Candle coconut beach candle
Believe it or not, this minimal burner is indeed from one of the most ubiquitous wax-peddlers in the country, and would be perfect in a chic seaside home. Customers have awarded this boutique-y find a 4.6-star rating.
Threshold Palo Santo candle
Everything about this candle seems fancy — the colors, the packaging, the fonts, the scent notes, the lid — and you’d be hard pressed to believe it’s a $10 Target find. As TFSMpls wrote: "Amazing smell. Great packaging. Fraction of the price of similar designer candles. Perfect for fall."
Tabitha Brown for Target lemon and açai candle
Chef and actress Tabitha Brown’s radiant personality shines through in her Target-exclusive collection of home decor — and this scented votive, contained a tropically-printed tin, is no exception.
Threshold wooden wick candle
Add another sensory dimension to your candle-burning experience with the addition of a wooden wick that offers a satisfying crackle as it evaporates. “I love the smell of the candle it’s very calming and nice. I also love the sound of the crackling from the wood wick,” wrote reviewer Jade lynn of the soy-based candle. “I light [it] basically every night and I’m obsessed!”
Studio McGee ceramic clove candle
We know we promised we’d keep this list pretty cheap, but for $50 Target offers 55 ounces of wax, 5 wicks, and 20 hours of burn time. (There’s also a 10-ounce vessel available for $15.) The elevated ridged ceramic container and spicy scent has reviewers raving. “Smells amazing! And the candle is beautiful,” wrote Miamichelle.

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