Fandor, Streaming Service, Announces 'Alternative Guide to LGBT Cinema'

What films will you be watching this Pride season?

Streaming service Fandor just announced its "Alternative Guide to LGBT Cinema," an interactive online booklet that spans the history of queer film from 1924 to today.

Released in conjunction with Pride season, Fandor's guide aims to connect users with queer films that they may never have encountered otherwise.

Like other streaming services, Fandor offers its content across multiple platforms, including TV, desktop and mobile. However, the main difference is that Fandor specializes in classic and independent films.

According to a press release from Fandor, the service has a bigger selection of queer films than any other streaming service. Fandor's LGBT genre page can be found here.

Check out the guide above and head here to learn more about Fandor.