Fans Fly Airplane Banner Over Dolphins-Jets Game, Calling For Jeff Ireland To Be Fired

Dolphins Fans Fly 'Fire Jeff Ireland' Plane Over Sun Life

Of all the hilarious hijinks Dolphins fans get up to -- stuffing jerseys down their pants, trying to bribe police with tickets no one wants, treating a touchdown ball like it's stuffed with money -- Sunday's high-flying hatred for general manager Jeff Ireland takes the cake.

For two hours before Miami knocked the Jets out of the playoffs, ending the season on a good note but a terrible 6-10, a banner plane hired for $1,500 by fans at towed a message to owner Stephen Ross over Sun Life Stadium as promised: 'MR ROSS: SAVE OUR DOLPHINS, FIRE IRELAND.'

"He's the reason we're in our third straight season of at least nine losses," proprietor Chris Joseph told HuffPost Miami in December. "Ireland's one claim to fame is asking a player if his mom was a whore....His talent evaluations leave a lot to be desired, and we fear he'll just keep blowing it."

Hilariously, and in the most quintessentially Miami way, the 'Fire Ireland' banner had some stiff competition: a second plane flew over tailgaters at the same time, offering free cover and a drink to ticket holders at Scarlett's Adult Cabaret. No word on which caught more of Ross' attention.

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