Two Fans Fail Miserably Trying To Use Hats To Catch Home Runs

Two fans. Two hats. Same game. Same fail.

You know when people tell you to learn from their own mistakes? And you're all like, let me live my life, man! Anyone?

Well, behold Mariners fan No. 1. He attempted to catch a fly ball at the top of the first inning during Monday's game against the Baltimore Orioles.

He did not succeed, losing his hat in the process.

Then, later in the sixth inning, another man -- in the same section -- attempts the same move. Unfortunately, with the same results.

Sometimes, you just gotta live to learn. Luckily for these two guys, there was a hero among them, lurking in the depths of Seattle's Safeco Field, who returned their hats.

Stop using your hats to catch balls, people!


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