Fans May Have Already Spotted A Funny 'WandaVision' Fail

The possible Marvel mistake is a hot-button issue.

Oh. Shirt.

If you’ve seen “WandaVision,” you know Paul Bettany’s semi-titular character, Vision, has a few tricks up his sleeve ... and apparently there’s a regular, ol’ human arm in there too.

On Tuesday, a tweet went viral seemingly showing a “WandaVision” mistake, where Bettany’s real, very un-purple skin is showing through his shirt.

When Vision is in his regular form, he is supposed to be purple ... all over, according to the actor. So the skin showing through, which you can glimpse in “WandaVision” trailers, seems like a genuine wardrobe malfunction.

Bettany has called the extensive process of putting on his superhero makeup “brutal,” so you can’t really blame him for not getting his entire body all purpled-up under his clothes.

But what if it’s not a mistake?

Since Marvel is known for meticulously sprinkling Easter eggs throughout its movies and shows (there are big ones in the “WandaVision” premiere), some fans think the apparent sleeve opening is there on purpose. Perhaps this shot hints that “Vision” isn’t the actual Vision.

After all, Vision died in “Avengers: Infinity War,” and the Disney+ series “WandaVision” is widely theorized to take place in an alternate reality created by Wanda (Elizabeth Olsen), which you can read about here if you’re not familiar.

Could it be an error? Is it intentional? Does Vision just have tan lines?

For now, this shirt goof remains a hot-button issue.

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