Fantasizing About Someone Else During Sex: Harmless Or Cheating?

WATCH: Is Fantasizing About Someone Else Cheating?

Is fantasizing about someone else during sex a form of cheating?

"The Doctors" dissected this sexual gray area in an episode last week, posing the question to people on Hollywood Boulevard and answering it themselves.

For those in a long-term monogamous relationship, fantasizing is "crucial" to the relationship, says Dr. Wendy Walsh. Dr. Lisa Masterson agrees, calling fantasies a form of role play and part of a "healthy" sexual relationship.

Dr. Travis Stork weighed in with some practical advice for those that choose to indulge: keep it to yourself -- "unless it's a play-out fantasy."

Trainer Jillian Michaels weighs in with perhaps the most romantic response out of the entire segment: "I worry that if I'm thinking about somebody else, then in a way it's a form of cheating... when I've done that, I've been out of love."

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