'Fantastic Four' Sequel Pulled From Fox's Release Schedule

Somewhere, Miles Teller is jumping for joy.

Talk about a mercy killing. 

Twentieth Century Fox has reportedly removed the sequel to 2015's "Fantastic Four" from its release schedule, according to Box Office Mojo. "Fantastic Four" opened to universally terrible reviews in August and the negative reaction was only fueled by the behind-the-scenes drama with director Josh Trank. 

Trank famously trashed the film on his Twitter account, blaming the studio for never releasing the "fantastic version" he claimed to have made. Sure, Josh, sure.

According to Rotten Tomatoes, "Fantastic Four" stands as the worst-reviewed Marvel comic-book adaptation to date, narrowly beating out 2005's "Elektra."

"Fantastic Four" cost about $120 million to make, only grossed $56 million domestically and topped out at $167 million worldwide. In box-office terms, it was a total bomb. Not like "John Carter" bad, but enough to put a stop to any sort of sequel. 

Hopefully, this paves the way for the franchise's return to Marvel Studios. Under the current conditions, Fox must make another "Fantastic Four" movie by a specific deadline or the rights will revert to Marvel

In a beautiful moment of Internet coordination, the Honest Trailers team released their own version of the "Fantastic Four" trailer, after the news of the scrapped sequel was announced. It's pretty brutal. 

Watch the Honest Trailer below: 


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