This Guy Lost A Fantasy Football Bet, Then Won The Internet With His Remake Of Sia's 'Chandelier'

Fantasy football may be not be real, but the stakes can be high. Just ask Chuck Jose. He apparently lost a fantasy football bet to a friend, leading to him create his own version of the music video for Sia's song "Chandelier."

“The league I’m in is appropriately titled ‘The League of Humiliation.’ Each week we have a matchup of the week and there’s always the same bet between the two players," Jose explained in a subsequent YouTube video, uploaded after his remake went viral. "Basically the loser of said matchup will have to succumb to humiliation from a predetermined list. So as hard as I tried, I ended up losing one of them, and here we are now.”

With help from Buzzfeed, and other media outlets, the music video remake garnered more than one million views on YouTube within days of its Dec. 1 release.



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