Anti-EU Leader Ignores Jo Cox’s Murder In ‘Crass’ Brexit Victory Speech

Nigel Farage said they won "without a single bullet being fired."

A British anti-EU leader sparked outrage when he said the "out" campaign won the country's vote to leave the European Union Thursday "without a single bullet being fired."

UK Independence Party leader Nigel Farage appeared to conveniently forget during his victory speech early on Friday about the murder of Labour Party lawmaker Jo Cox, who was a vocal advocate for Britain remaining in Europe.

Watch the speech here:

"The dawn is breaking on an independent United Kingdom!" said Farage, who fought much of his campaign on an anti-immigration agenda. "We have fought against the multinationals, we have fought against the big merchant banks we fought against big politics, we fought against lies, corruption and deceit."

"And today honesty, decency and belief in nation I think now is going to win," he added. "And we will have done it without having to fight, without a single bullet being fired."

Farage immediately drew heavy criticism for his phrasing, given that Cox was shot dead and stabbed outside her constituency surgery in Birstall, near Leeds, on June 16.

Thomas Mair, 52, was charged with the murder of Cox, during which a 77-year-old man was injured trying to save the lawmaker. He is due to face trial in November