This Hotel Is INSIDE A Crane And It's Crazy

Well, this is nuts.

If you harbor a fear of heights, the Faralda Crane Hotel with rooms suspended 164 feet above the ground probably isn't for you. But if panoramic views and a unique hotel experience are your thing, then this place is definitely up your alley.

This Amsterdam hotel is made up of three suites built into a former industrial crane. A jacuzzi sits atop the crane, so guests can take in epic views of the city while taking a soak.

And if sleeping in a crane isn't enough, daredevil guests can bungee jump off the crane, with a "mega swing" of almost 300 feet and a free fall of "tens of meters."

From afar, Faralda Crane Hotel looks pretty much like any other construction crane.

faralda crane

But inside, it's pretty swanky.

faralda crane

Oh, and this is your view:

faralda crane hotel

The hotel has another location in Harlingen, Netherlands, which offers similar accommodations and activities.

So, are you down to hang at Faralda Crane?

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