Fareed Zakaria: Tea Party Responsible For 'Extraordinary Polarization' In Washington

CNN's Fareed Zakaria lamented the Tea Party's prominence in today's politics on his Sunday show.

He said the movement is "ideologically extreme, refuses to compromise and cares more about purity than problem solving," and carries most of the blame for the "extraordinary polarization" in Washington. Zakaria added that, in his view, the movement is only able to dominate Washington so much because the political system no longer encourages "compromise and governance."

Zakaria gave some of examples of what he called the "narrowcasting" that he said permeates D.C., including primaries dominated by extreme conservatives, huge numbers of lobbyists, and fierce right-wing media. He particularly targeted Rush Limbaugh, who he said destructively policed Republicans to make sure they didn't step out of line.