Farm Sanctuary's Animal Acres: 'Hug A Farm Animal Day' Connects Humans And Animals (PHOTOS)

Calling all city slickers! If you haven't held a newborn lamb in your arms, then you haven't lived. Farm Sanctuary is North America's largest farm animal rescue organization and they have a new location just outside of LA. On September 29, there are hosting "Hug A Farm Animal Day" on their sprawling 26-acre sanctuary. From 1:00 - 5:00 p.m., Angelenos can come get to know these amazing animals and show some affection for mother nature.

From Farm Sanctuary's press release:

Farm Sanctuary's Animal Acres is a special place. Animals who began their lives abused and neglected now spend their days scratching at the earth, basking in the sun, and napping in the straw. Animals like William the calf, Jimmy the pig, and Turkey Lurkey love meeting new people and can't wait to receive a special hug from you!

The event is free but reservations are required and space is limited. Learn more and sign up here.

If you're not convinced, just browse the photos below.

Images courtesy of Farm Sanctuary:

Hug A Farm Animal